Is Your Plan the Right Plan for You?

Everyone has a vision of what they want their life to look like but many find they’re unfulfilled once they arrive there. Could it be your vision belonged to someone else? Your plan was to be married with kids because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Now you’re in a loveless marriage with out-of-control children. Your plan was to have a successful career as a teacher, doctor, or lawyer because those were the careers everyone glorified. Now you’re miserable and go to a job every day that you hate. Your plan was to be rich, not wealthy, because money can buy you a fabulous lifestyle. Now you’re faking a rich lifestyle and going into more debt just to impress people you don’t like.

Regardless of your age, it’s not too late to get on the right plan for your life. Take a day,weekend, or week to evaluate every aspect of your life and be truly honest about what brings you joy, peace, and love. Next, sit down and write out a plan detailing what you want to do and the steps needed to succeed. Once you take the time to complete this, I am positive you will be and stay on the right plan for you.

Olivia Leyre


The One that Got Away

I have always heard people say “that’s the one that got away” but I didn’t think I felt that way until the other day while reflecting over my past relationships. I can officially say “I have one that got away” but the funny thing is, I was the one that walked away.

As you grow, you learn what true love is but unfortunately most come to this realization afterthey have already encountered and lost it. And of course by this time, the person they love is nolonger available.

I have analyzed my relationship and learned the meaning of true love. So now, I will be able togive it and recognize it the next time it comes my way. You know after thinking about it, I don’t have “one that got away”, I have “the right one” and our paths are just waiting to cross.

Olivia Leyre

Make the Most of Your TIme

The major thing that set people apart is what they do with their time. Time is valuable and once it is gone, it’s gone.We all get the same 24 hours each day but many waste the majority of it. Stop It!! Prioritize your time. Create a daily schedule. Incorporate time for yourself. Manage you time and stop letting your time manage you.

Successful people spend their time intentionally on things that make them better in every area. Exercising, financial planning, career planning, just to name a few. Unsuccessful people spend their time irresponsibly. Prolonged sleeping, constant distractions (internet, phone calls, texts),and procrastinating are some of their favorite things to do. It’s time to make the most of your time so ask yourself these two questions:

  • Am I making the most of my 24 hours?
  • Which of the two people above do I want to be?

Olivia Leyre

Watch Your Tongue

Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it! Your tongue is powerful!

  • It can uplift and it can tear down.
  • It can cause tears of joy and tears of pain.
  • It can cause unity and it can cause division.
  • It can spread love and it can spread hate.

So be careful and mindful of what YOU let flow from it. It can truly be a matter of life or death!

Olivia Leyre

Why Does It Matter What They Think???

I’m frustrated and I have to vent!!! People kill me thinking about what others think of them and the moves they make in their lives. If it isn’t the Lord Himself, what are you concerned about? Do what you’re meant to do, point blank!!! Stop going broke trying to play the part, especially when the part doesn’t matter and gets you nowhere.

I realize our parents (born from the 30s through the 50s) have a different point of view on what life should be, I live it every day, but let’s realize the world has changed and it’s time to accept it and BE GROWN!!! I LOVE my parents, don’t get me wrong, but they’re usually the ones concerned about what someone else thinks of you. They say, you’re suppose to be the person everyone wants to marry along with the model marriage; you’re suppose to have the excellent career in a job that lasts 30+ years; you’re suppose to have the best of everything to their standards, etc. It’s fine that they want the best for you, but they don’t always know what the best is for you. TIMES CHANGE!!!

I want the best for me and I want to make a difference in the lives of others but I will only do it while being joyful about my life and the lives of others. It’s not about being in the spotlight, it’s about showing people they truly matter and I truly care. I could care less how many houses I have and how many cars and clothes, etc. I have; I only care about walking in the purpose I’m placed here for and fulfilling it.


“The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice”


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“ONE TWO, buckle my shoe, THREE FOUR, open the door, FIVE SIX, pick up sticks, SEVEN EIGHT, lay them straight, NINE TEN, big fat hen!” The bubble-gum pink double-dutch ropes high-fived the ground with delight as the neighborhood girls sang their jump-roping songs. My mom’s next door neighbors, Janice and Judy, were the prettiest girls in the neighborhood. Their caramel-colored skin seemed to glow in the light and their hair swept against their backs as they jumped. Jumping along with Janice and Judy was Rosemary, who lived directly underneath my mom. These three girls were as sweet as pie around their parents but when it came to the game of Double Dutch, they morphed into hardcore bullies. As my mom approached the girls, she was so excited that she had finally learned how to jump rope. When she had made her way over to them, they stood over her with confidence. “Can I jump rope next?” squeaked my mom. “Well, since you are black like dirt, I don’t think so,” Janice replied with conviction. As a little girl, she was darker than the rest of her friends and darkness in the Black community has never been viewed as beautiful. Janice, Judy, and Rosemary used that to torture my mom. A young and insecure Jenine sat on the rugged steps of her house and said nothing in return. She was use to this kind of ridicule about her complexion. Since the girls felt as though they were completely superior to my mom, they disregarded her feelings and skipped off with joy. When my grandmother arrived only to find her daughter shedding tear after tear, she asked “What’s the matter baby?” “I’m black as dirt” she said, her voice muffled behind her tears. My grandmother began to pour her words of wisdom into my mother’s heart like honey being poured from a honeycomb. My mom snuggled into my grandmother’s arms and listened. “You know what they say baby, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, it’s a proven fact you know?” At that moment, without exchanging words, my mom and my grandmother locked eyes and agreed that her dark skin tone made her unique and beautiful.

My mom’s stories, especially the ones revolving around her childhood, give me a better insight to what makes her the woman she is today. Since my complexion is darker than my mom, I benefit from stories like this one. My mom began telling me these stories at a very young age, so when problems arose, I would be well equipped to conquer them. After the incident with Janice, Judy, and Rosemary, my mom made a pact with her mom to never let anyone else tell her who she was. She has honored that pact and has instilled those same principles in me. My mom’s stories allow me to learn from them without having to go through them myself. Although we look different on the surface, our personalities are quite similar and we have gone through some of the same situations. Whether I want to admit it or not, my mom was a teenager once and she knows what kinds of issues and concerns I have. It is 2014 and I am still getting the same comments about my complexion, but because of my mom’s story and my grandmother’s wise words: the phrase “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” I am able to receive harsh words with a smile. My mom’s stories always seem to conclude with a line sounding something like, “Be yourself”, “You are the only you there is, so embrace it”, “Have confidence in yourself”, or something as simple as “Posses your own pen, and everything else will fall into place”.

These lessons are now engraved into who I am, just as they are engraved in the many generations before me. My mom and I share numerous differences and similarities, but our peace in who we are binds us together. This bond is one I plan to share with my children, and I hope the lessons continue to pass down for generations to come.

Naomi Rae

Note to Women


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You love hard, but end up getting hurt. You guard your heart, but end up getting hurt. You act as if what he does doesn’t matter, but you still end up getting hurt. It’s time to stop hurting and time to start getting the love you deserve.

Hold on… a guy who is man enough to appreciate your love is coming!

I strongly believe there is a special man on Earth for each woman; it’s just a matter of time before they meet. Unfortunately, a lot of women are unavailable when their paths cross because she decided to settle for a piece of a man.

Stop settling and living below your standards! You deserve better!

Love with the right man is possible if you do the right things on your end. Become the woman you were placed here to be. Have the same standards and traits you are looking for. Stop comparing your relationship to that of others. Live in reality. Be willing to try new things. Communicate and listen effectively. Last, but definitely not least, forgive and let it go.

So women, Get It Together and Start Getting the Love You Deserve!!

Olivia Leyre


What Is The Problem?


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Are you going through something that has your thoughts all tied up and your mind preoccupied?  Is there an issue that has you perplexed and maybe even a little angry and pissed off?  Yes? Well me too!

We all have problems of varying degrees and severity, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, that is life.  Right now, someone is going through a divorce, someone else is unemployed or underemployed and facing foreclosure and someone else is contemplating if this life is worth living. But, here’s the thing:

Life is a process, a journey and the road is rife with hills, curves, peaks and valleys.  If we are to make it through, we must develop the tenacity and grit it takes to see things through to the end.  As much as I’d like to run and hide from my problems (not saying I haven’t a time or two), that choice doesn’t make them go away or even lessen the heavy load.  I must grin and bear it.

I must admit that even when my load is heavy, there are many, many other beautiful things going on around me.  Sometimes I can’t see those things because I am too busy focusing on my problems.  If I stop and take a second, I see the beautiful stars in the sky, how the full moon looks as if it is hanging right in front of me, or hear the laughter coming from everywhere.

When life gets to be too much friends, take a few moments each day to just breath. Relax and let it go.  I guarantee, when you’re ready, your load will be there waiting, and maybe, just maybe, your attitude will have adjusted and your outlook will be a little brighter.



Can Men And Women Be Friends Without The Drama????


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This question has been asked many times and there has been an array of answers. I believe it depends on what your definition of friendship is. Personally, I think it can happen. Do some friendships turn into romantic relationships? Yes! However, issues can arise when friends are not on the same page concerning the meaning of their friendship. When entering into any relationship, even a simple friendship, each person’s goals are unique. Some want companionship, others resources. Some want sex, others commitment. In order to have a friendship of any kind, each person has to respect those differences.

Friendships come and friendships go but the ones that mean the most last a lifetime.  I have had friends of the opposite sex that I have been sexually attracted to but we were not willing to risk a friendship that took so long to build for a night in bed. Yes the feelings were there, but our respect for each other ended up strengthening our friendship and love for one another.

I remember dating a guy and when we ended I wanted to continue being friends but he didn’t and my feelings were truly hurt. He stated he couldn’t be my friend because of the sexual attraction but I didn’t understand because I could be his friend without the sexual interaction. I think he was saying mis-matched desires between men and women lead to “friend zone” situations, where one person’s needs are completely satisfied at the other’s expense. Nevertheless, friendships between men and women are not impossible.

A true friendship requires finding someone with the same goals and being able to communicate clearly. This will also cause you to know when it’s time to leave the friendship before you cross the line. Research shows that guys are more likely than women to have romantic feelings for their friends of the opposite sex. While they may not come right out and say they have a crush on you or they would be willing to hook up with you, if the opportunity presented itself they would jump at it.

So the question still is : Can Men And Women Be Friends Without The Drama????

Naomi Rae