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You love hard, but end up getting hurt. You guard your heart, but end up getting hurt. You act as if what he does doesn’t matter, but you still end up getting hurt. It’s time to stop hurting and time to start getting the love you deserve.

Hold on… a guy who is man enough to appreciate your love is coming!

I strongly believe there is a special man on Earth for each woman; it’s just a matter of time before they meet. Unfortunately, a lot of women are unavailable when their paths cross because she decided to settle for a piece of a man.

Stop settling and living below your standards! You deserve better!

Love with the right man is possible if you do the right things on your end. Become the woman you were placed here to be. Have the same standards and traits you are looking for. Stop comparing your relationship to that of others. Live in reality. Be willing to try new things. Communicate and listen effectively. Last, but definitely not least, forgive and let it go.

So women, Get It Together and Start Getting the Love You Deserve!!

Olivia Leyre